Capture the Colour

Travel Supermarket is hosting a travel blogger photo contest called Capture the Colour.

The idea? quite simple: find photos that you have taken that “capture” the following colours: yellow, red, blue, green, and white.

Here are my entries! If you like them, awesome, if not, well, scram.



Tequila sunrise in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

This passed January I ventured down to Myrtle Beach for 10 days with my dad on a golfing trip. Don’t be jealous of my 10 days. Be jealous of his 50. The life of a retiree, eh?

I believe most people (that could be a complete generalization, but oh well) have experienced a sunrise or two in their day, as have I. However I had never watched one rise over the Atlantic Ocean before. On the boardwalk. I battled through a few different early mornings during my stay just to get down to the beach to watch this.



Old farm house beside The Cahernane House, Killarney, Ireland

I realize red is not the predominant colour here, yet without it I dont think this picture gets the same vivid old-school look. To me, and I suppose for anyone who has never been to Ireland before, I believe it helps set a mental picture depicting a typical Irish country side.



Puffins atop Skellig Michael, UNESCO World Heritage Site, Ring of Kerry, Ireland — Some 12km off the Southern coast

Seeing as how we were in Ireland, a full day of blue sky was not taken for granted. Climbing this 7th century monastery in the middle of the ocean, with some 7000 puffins flying all around us. We lucked out, too, hearing from another climber (who had previously visited a number of times) that this was the most abundant they had ever been when he was there. Jam.



The Dark Hedges, Northern Ireland

These bad girls were planted in the 18th century by the Stuart family, meant to be a jaw-dropping site for guests. They’ve been in an episode of Game of Thrones as well.

There are a few ghost tales that go along with this place. We happened to show up at the perfect time, with no one around. A solid 25 minutes of capturing whichever photo we liked, from whichever angle we liked. It was perfect really, until that bus load of Asian tourists crashed the party. Which, I suppose, being one of the most photographed sites in all of Northern Ireland, is fairly normal.



Dingle Peninsula, Dingle, Ireland

We spent a day trip doing the Dingle Peninsula: 3 cars and 10 people. The morning was a bit scary, as typical Irish weather decided it wanted to settle in, leaving only a select few photos worthy of being taken. This being one of them.

It fits perfect: the dreary, cloudy, misty, and cold weather, coupled with my sister, Lizzie, proving that dull or vibrant: all you need is a beach.

Which one did you like the best?

My Nominations:

Pat and Al — From Green to Blue
Lauren — Spanish Sabores

Liz — Young Adventuress

Mica — Travel This Earth

Charli & Ben — Wanderlusters

FYI – all of my photos have been taken with my iPhone 4s. With a little creativity and a lack of funding, they take excellent photos.


10 thoughts on “Capture the Colour

  1. Wow!! I Love the green “Dark Hedges” for sure and the yellow is a stunner!! I also have to say that the white is such a comical one that it gets a vote too. All of them are beautiful and so great that we have such talented photographers in our family. You have a great eye for it!! Good luck I. The competition!! I would have such a hard time choosing just one!!

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