About Me

I wrote the below about 3 years ago – pretty crazy to think that amount of time has passed since my travels. Who knows, I might just continue to write….

My name is Greg Asselin, and I am a 23 year old Canadian living the dream.

I’ve made this blog to tell my story about living and working in England on my working visa over the next two years, and the experiences that are going to come with it.

I have grown up (some may argue that) and lived my whole life in a town called Peterborough, Ontario, Canada.

I grew up playing an array of sports, from hockey, basketball, soccer and lacrosse. Anything that was competitive.

I quickly attempted academia at Dalhousie University and Fleming College. Emphasis on quickly. Shit wasn’t for me.

I come from an unbelievable family. Two amazing parents, Kevin and Jayne, two sisters, Katie and Elizabeth, and a brother, Patty (Rick Springfield). My 3 siblings and I are a tight knit bunch (aside from Libethany’s toes). This is the four of us at our absolute finest.


That may be my 23 years summed up. If I had anything else remotely worth mentioning it would probably be on there, but I dont. Stories that I’m going to want to tell haven’t happened yet. Stay tuned.

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