Weekly Photo Challenge: From Lines to Patterns

This gallery contains 6 photos.

I thought this was a really cool challenge. The range of options that are available are endless. I somehow managed to choose 6, when I could have easily posted a hundred.

Capture the Colour

Travel Supermarket is hosting a travel blogger photo contest called Capture the Colour.

The idea? quite simple: find photos that you have taken that “capture” the following colours: yellow, red, blue, green, and white.

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Weekly Writing Challenge: Dialogue – Peace Wall


“Wait, hold on. You’re telling me that its the year 2013, and as we stand here under typical Irish weather, drenched from head to toe just trying to stay warm, that I am staring at a 25 foot peace wall that still, to this day, separates protestants and catholics here in Belfast?”

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Scenic Saturdays: Pampers Party

You read the title of pampers party and don’t know what it is? Fair enough.

A good buddy of mine Mitch and his girlfriend Laura are expecting a little monster daughter this coming November.


I mean, if you’ve got kids you understand the necessity of diapers, more so realistically than the average Joe or Jane. This being the second pampers party we’ve held for one of our friends over the last year.

Aside from the obvious gift of a box of diapers, the day basically consists of 1000 just a few pints between the boys.


Second pampers party and second success. Most of us followed along during sex Ed in school, yet I’m sure this won’t be our last baby shaker.

Couldn’t be happier for these two hooligans.

You heard the idea of a Pampers Party here first.