What Am I Doing

I wrote this 3 years ago during my travels.

I did my best to leave this page blank for as long as I could, until I could officially figure out what exactly it truly was that I was doing.
I mean, I moved to the United Kingdom and didn’t know? Sort of.

I got a working visa for the UK that is valid for two years. I have absolutely no plans set in stone. However, my broad plans are to work in as many different places and gain as much life experience as physically possible in my time frame. Aside from the obvious reason of working to make money to be able to support myself, I also plan on travelling as often as possible. Travelling has slowly become something that I have been more and more interested about over time. In essence, I literally want to travel the world and see absolutely anything and everything I can. History, photography and architecture have always been an interest of mine, yet first hand accounts of each of them with my own eyes is something that you just cannot fully put into words. I have had a preconceived idea of what travelling is for a long time, essentially going and seeing cities and landmarks. From my encounters in the places I have already been to, reading, looking at pictures and daydreaming about them has just completely proven to me that first hand experiences are exactly what I want. I feel that it is needed for complete and total appreciation.

So, that is exactly what I am doing.

I have gotten more and more into photography over the last few months. Any picture that I have put up on my blog has been taken with my iPhone. With a little creativity, there can be some unbelievable pictures taken with an iPhone camera.

Follow me on instagram to check out my photos: gmasselin

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